Friday, 1 November 2013

How cool is this? @ OGDC

On the last day of the GCP Brunei Trip, SST students had a ball of fun at the Oil and Gas Discovery Centre in Seria, Brunei.

Then, it's farewell to Brunei and thank you for the memories.

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On Air: SST @ RTB

SST students were privileged to be able to visit Brunei's national broadcaster, Radio Televisyen Brunei or RTB.  They were featured 'live' on a morning talk show and had the opportunity to be on air at Pelangi 91.0 FM (an infotainment radio channel for youth).  After this memorable visit, SST students learnt about the history and pageantry of Brunei at the Brunei History Museum and Royal Regalia.

Read more about their exciting trip in Day Four entry.

It's paddy and playtime in Brunei

It's paddy and playtime in Brunei on Day Three as the SST group visited Wasan area experience the rustic kampong life. Then, a long, long drive to Labi brings the group to an Iban Longhouse.

Read about it in the Day Three entry.

Visit to Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan

SST had a rousing welcome from the students and staff of Maktab Sains.  SST students had an enriching experience when they work collaboratively with Maktab Sains students to design a student hub using Google Sketch-up.

In the afternoon, SST students headed to the 'Venice of the East' or Kampong Ayer and went in search or proboscis monkey in the wild too. Click on Day Two tab to read about it.