Day 1

Day 1 Itinerary (Sunday, 27 October 2013)
  • Meet at Changi Airport at 0900hrs
  • Depart for Brunei at 1220hrs
  • Arrive Brunei at 1430hrs
  • Proceed for Immigration and Custom Clearance
  • Meet and Greet By the Guide
  • Visit the Sago/Ambulong Factory (in Tutong area) at 1600hrs
  • Dinner at 1800hrs
  • Gadong Night Market (and gift shop) at 1900hrs
  • Check in Hotel and debrief at 2030hrs
  • Lights off at 2230hrs
10-min Presentations by:  Group E, I & J (during debrief)

From previous discussion session - Brunei: What I know

SST @ Kilang Sagu in Tutong

SST students during the visit to the factory processing 'ambulong' (sago).

Excerpts from students' reflection -

"The way the ambulong was made was new to me.  I was surprised that this ambulong was actually from the wood (tree trunk) which we had to peel.  The process was very interesting to watch and I learnt quite a lot from the trip to the factory.  Also, the fact that adding hot water would make it gluey and sticky was interesting. We just had to swallow the ambulong, not chew it." - Nehal Janakraj, S104.

"The process (of extracting sago), from bark to powder, is amazing.. cutting the trunk, skinning it with a spear-like metal.  The trunk is then processed into powder by this massive machine.  It was indeed an interesting experience." - Potluri Sai, S103.