Day 2

Day 2 Itinerary: (Monday, 28 October 2013)
  • Breakfast at Hotel (0600hrs - 0700hrs)
  • School Immersion at 0730hrs
  • Lunch at 1230 hrs
  • Visit the Malay Technology Museum at 1400hrs
  • Tour Kampong Ayer with museum and home visit at 1500hrs
  • Visit the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque at 1700hrs
  • Dinner at 1800 hrs
  • Back to Hotel and debrief at 2030hrs
  • Lights off at 2230hrs
10-min Presentations by:  Group C, F & K (during debrief)

SST @ Maktab Sains Paduka Seri Begawan Sultan

The students had a tour of Maktab Sains with their buddies and they also worked collaboratively to design a Student Hub using Google Sketch-Up. This is followed by a sales pitch, where the winning pair was chosen.

Excerpts from students' reflection:

"It was an enlightening experience at Maktab Sains as I learnt of their curriculum and was amazed at how long and rigorous their days were and how they coped." - Aliff Qayyum, S104.

"I had a great time interacting with my buddy, Batrisya.  I also made other friends from Maktab Sains. Initially,  thought that the students would be rather conservative, I realised this is not so.  Many of the girls play sports and are outgoing.  Their English is also good, though most of them had a slight American accent."  - Vanshiqa Agrawal, S107.

"It was enjoyable as my buddy and his friends were friendly.  They responded to my questions about their school with glee and delight.  They also asked questions about SST.  What I learnt from today and yesterday is to respect others' cultures. No matter what you think about other cultures, you still have to respect them." - Taufiq Mohammed, S107.

Next stop: Malay Technological Museum, Kampong Ayer and Proboscis Monkey Tour & Gadong Night Market

SST students made a pit stop at the Malay Technological Museum to learn about the trades and tools of the Malays in Brunei. They then visited a home in Brunei's water village, Kampong Ayer, before heading off in search of proboscis monkeys in the wild. (We regret that the monkeys refused to be photographed and hence could not provide any pictures).

As we head off back to hotel, we stopped by Gadong Night market to soak in the sights and smells (of food, that is). 

Excerpts from students' reflection: (Imagine how your life would be if you lived in Kampong Ayer)

"I imagine my life to be extremely fun and carefree.  It would be exhilarating walking precariously on the bridges and rods and also travelling by boat.  It would also mean adapting to a new culture." -  Vanshiqa Agrawal, S107.

"I would probably be working as a fisherman, so I have to wake up early in the morning to set up the equipment.  Life would not be so rushed and there is more leisure time." - Khairul Aizat, S104.