Some initial questions asked:
What kind of resources are available in schools?
How many schools are there?
How is the curriculum like in Brunei?
What are the different levels / streams in the education system?
Do a lot of people attend school or are there a lot of people who cannot afford school?
How is their education system similar to ours?
What types of qualifications are needed for employment?
What are the scholarships offered?
How well-educated are the people /  manpower in Brunei?

What are the different cultures in Brunei?
How does the tradition and culture in Brunei affect tourism?
What are the languages in Brunei?
What traditional foods do they eat?
What kinds of textiles are sold in Brunei?
How does Islam influence the Bruneian Culture?
What language does Brunei citizens speak?
What do the citizens of Brunei do in their free time?
What is the pace of life like in Brunei?
How is the food in Brunei?

How will Brunei survive without oil?
How long will its oil last?
How big is Brunei’s oil refinery?
How many barrels of oil are produced each day / a year?

What are the types of crops they harvest?
How long does it takes to harvest different crops?
What are the different agricultural sectors in Brunei?
How is the climate?
How extensive is agriculture in Brunei?

What is the impact of human activity on the natural resources in Brunei?
What are some of the unique flora or fauna in Brunei?
What are some of the conservation efforts in Brunei?
Are there mountainous areas in Brunei?
Where do the Iban community stay?
What sorts of vegetation are there in Brunei?
What are the unique features of the water village (Kampong Ayer)?


What is the tourism rate like in Brunei?
Has its tourism rate been affected over the years?
Is tourism one of its strength?
What are the places of interests?
Why do we have the same currency value as Brunei?
Why are tourists attracted to Brunei / specific places in Brunei?
What kinds of tourists are there in Brunei?
What kinds of strategies do they use to attract tourists?
What is the name of their currency?
What are some of the religious places / attractions?
Will Brunei survive without oil but with just tourism?

How widespread is the use of technology and social media in Brunei?
How much do government encourage the use of technology?
What is the role of the state broadcaster?
Is Brunei’s technology growing rapidly?

What are the prominent design influences in Bruneian architecture?
What are some of the features or characteristics of Islamic architecture in Brunei?
How does design affect living conditions in Brunei?

What defines sustainability?
What are Brunei's natural resources?
How can Brunei sustain its resources?
How are Brunei's resources being depleted?
What are some of the ways to achieve sustainability?