Day 3

Day 3 Itinerary: (Tuesday, 29 October 2013)
  • Breakfast at Hotel (0630hrs - 0730hrs)
  • Tour Paddy field with talk and home visit (in Wasan area) at 0800hrs
  • Lunch at 1230 hrs
  • Visit the Iban Longhouse and Fruit Farm (in Labi area) at 1400hrs
  • Dinner at 1800 hrs
  • Back to Hotel and debrief at 2030hrs
  • Lights off at 2230hrs
10-min Presentations by:  Group A, D & G (during debrief)

Paddy Field Tour in Wasan

It's paddy and playtime in Wasan area as SST students get to experience kampong lifestyle.

Iban Long House in Labi

It was a very long ride to the longhouse (no pun intended) but SST students get to learn about the culture and lifestyle of a minority community in Brunei, the Ibans.

Excerpts from students' reflection:

"The longhouse was really long and huge.  I learnt that the elders are trying to pass on their tradition and customs to the younger generation of Brunei.  While we adopt modern living, we should not forget where we started from and our culture as our culture defines us." - B. V. Lakshita, S108.

"I learnt about Brunei's agriculture at the paddy field visit.  It was meaningful to me as I really got to appreciate the effort it takes to make a simple bowl of rice.  It was also a very different feeling to be surrounded by so much land and empty spaces compared to being surrounded by tall buildings in Singapore." - Mohd Taufiq Rozaini, S104.

"Today, at the paddy field, I saw how hard the farmers were working under the hot sun.  Not only are they planting crops for a living, they are also serving the economy as they are helping Brunei become less dependent on other countries for rice. So I learnt to appreciate the farmers.

At the longhouse, I learnt about their ethnic culture and tradition.  I learnt to respect others' cultures and traditions." -  Karthikeyan Elangovan, S108.