Day 4

Day 4 Itinerary (Wednesday, 30 October 2013)
  • Breakfast at Hotel (0630hrs - 0730hrs)
  • Visit Radio Television Brunei at 0900hrs
  • Lunch at 1230 hrs
  • Visit the Royal Regalia Museum and Brunei History Museum at 1400hrs
  • Dinner at 1800 hrs
  • Back to Hotel and debrief at 2030hrs
  • Lights off at 2230hrs
10-min Presentations by:  Group B & H (during debrief)

On Air @ Radio Televisyen Brunei (RTB)

RTB hosted SST students much to their delight and excitement.  After the briefing, our students were brought to a television studio where the morning talk show was being recorded live.  SST students got their 5 minutes of fame on television as they were invited to appear in the show, with Irfan Yusman being interviewed by the host.

They then visited the newsroom, to learn about how news is being reported and prepared, and followed by visits to radio studios, where Mdm Arfah was being interviewed by the Pelangi FM DJ.

Brunei History comes alive @ Brunei History Museum and Royal Regalia

SST students learnt about the founding of Brunei and the genealogy of the Sultans of Brunei at the History Museum. They then visited the Royal Regalia (Bangunan Adat Kebesaran Diraja) which showcased the royal coronation carriage surrounded by majestic regalia from the royal crowning ceremony.

Excerpts from students' reflection:

"When we appeared on the morning show, I was both excited and scared.  I was nervous as we were going to appear on live tv with a large audience in Brunei." - Aliff Qayyum, S104.

"RTB started to use more advanced technology for both radio and television.  It has formed relationships (through MOUs) with other tv and radio stations to produce programmes.  I got to see the News Unit which is the highlight for me.  I have seen news on tv but for the first time I saw the backstage of news production. I now know how they gather news and the different types of news like sports and current affairs news.  I also saw the editing done by the RTB team for both radio and tv." - Ramanathan Kumarappan, S106.